Enjoy these bio-poems from our participants!

I am Robynn
Deep and thoughtful
Who loves God, my family and being creative
Who fears judgement and sending voice notes
Who dreams of continuous happiness
I am Robynn
I am Robynn Osborne.

I am Kingsley
Thoughtful and sincere
Who loves family, reading and writing
Who fears not realising my dreams and failing to provide for my family
Who dreams of making a real difference in the lives of others
I am Kingsley
I am Kingsley Khobotlo

I am Ashley
Caring and Creative
Who loves reading, writing and helping others.
Who fears dying without reaching his goals and living without a purpose
Who dreams of being a published author in the guild of fantasy.
I am Ashley
I am Ashley Klein

I am Kwanele
Driven and authentic
Who loves dreaming, writing and adventure
Who fears disappointment and failure
Who dreams of bringing change in a men dominated world
I am Kwanele
I am Kwanele Msibi

I am Kwandile,
Awkward and reserved
Who loves positivity, unity and controlled disorder
Who fears vulnerability and impulsiveness
Who dreams of just daring herself to try, every single day
I am Kwandile
I am Kwandile Thwala

I am Njabulo,
colourful and deep
Who loves expression, authenticity and freedom
Who fears sadness and frogs
Who dreams of meeting his potential everyday
I am Njabulo
I am Njabulo Goba

I am Mzimasi
Friendly, gentle, funny, noisy and charming
Who loves outdoor activities, soccer and my surrounding
Who fears God and nothing more
Who dreams of becoming a professional soccer player
I am Mzimasi better known as Dolo Mphembele Jr
I am Mzimasi Dlamini

I am Nivashnie,
Creative, and witty.
Who loves reading, writing, and Superman.
Who fears death and failed dreams.
Who dreams of writing a best-selling novel.
I am Nivashnie.
I am Nivashnie Poonsamy.

I am Zithulele,
Witty and compassionate.
Who loves kids, books and music.
Who fears rejection and disappointing people.
Who dreams of publishing a bestseller.
I am Zithulele.
I am Zithulele Sibanyoni.