The mind wondering off to distant space,
The body feeling small and thin like
A shoe lace, the world becoming difficult
To understand, my heart withdraws and it
Becomes a cold place.

My highest thoughts of the universe
Reach its pinnacle but the universe
Having thoughts about me is not
Reciprocal, the matters of the heart
Are deceiving, appreciating the world
And Nature as your soul is receiving.

The mind trying to glue the broken
Pieces we call life as we question
Ourselves and ask what is missing.
Day dreaming of a beautiful horizon,
Were the sun sets, in the never ending

Certain dreams are shattered because of
The uncertainty of our futures.
Our bodies becoming cages and holding
Captive our spirits, freedom from ourselves is
A must. People hiding their true identities as
If they are wearing masks.

Our callings in life are bigger than us
Because it will take us to new heights.
Digging deeper within ourselves will require
All our might. Wings mounted on our backs
Preparing us to soar to our eternal flights.

“Sometimes the imagination can be a wild
Animal to tame.”- Brendon Tawanda Takarinda.