I’d burn cities in your name.
Raise funds for the trans,
the success of those operations matter.
Forget the preachers, we’re all sinners.

Forget the family gatherings called to discuss you
by the same parents who recently requested divorce papers,
the uncles that take part in premarital sex daily,
the brothers who find our ten-year-old sisters sexy, who’s worse?

Well, excuse you
if their looks offend you.
They aren’t trying to impress you.
Isn’t it the same God who said spread love?

My heart bleeds for the queers we lost
under the hands of our judgemental society
where even the justice system blinks in such cases.
Someone is above the law.

Objections, Your Worship!
I advocate for the lives of the daughters and sons of the soil.
Need I remind you about my sisters and brothers
who no longer have a place called home,
they’ve been disowned?
The lesbians who were raped numerous times,
with the excuse of making them ‘straight’,
even their fathers in this case perpetrators?
And it went as far as some getting pregnant.
Right after giving birth
a sister committed suicide, RIP.

It repulses me to talk about gays and lesbians
who are burnt to death for who they are.
I once thought life is not fair
but tell you what: life is fair, society isn’t.