If you can hear me, listen urgently and attentively
I know we have lived this life
Some for centuries, scores and decades
Trying tirelessly to do your will
And Lord…uncertainty bombards my mind
Of whether your will I have accomplished or even endeavored
Forgive me Father…

One thing I am sure of
Is that you’re a generous Father
Yes, on the way I might have gone astray
Not that I blame you for my mouth,
Which says the unspeakable, knowingly or unknowingly
My eyes lack boundaries, oh Lord!
Forgive me God, forgive me oh father…

My mind is a wild beast within me, so untamed
I fought endless battles with it
Till now, I lay on my deathbed
Pondering my final destiny, eternity or?
What if you decide to be silent and not forgive me?
You see what I mean?
I am traumatised and frightened
Hence I ask for forgiveness
I want to come home,
But the way is haze
The pain is unbearably heavy
I am standing on the crossroad
Forgive me once more
Before my feet make my final step
To step into my final destiny
I pray Lord, pardon my transgressions and iniquities