As I lay myself to sleep
eyes closed and thoughts wide open
I think of better days,
days when our story will be history
days when fear will have no space to occupy in us.

As I fearlessly carry the cries
of all our females in my heart,
consciously not opening the doors
for the one I carry in my womb

I remind myself of the responsibility we all share
the responsibility of raising better men.

I stand here treating the bruises
plastering the wounds
stopping the tears
and giving back the power to our women.

I am here leading the female race to a happy ending,
I am passionately getting this pain out in a much louder voice.
Because my fellow gender has voiced out
and no response was made.

I am shamelessly crying loud
until my tears are no more.
It is a demand!
A demand of a much safer country to live.

And a demand of naturally caring men.