I don’t know who you are
or if I’ll ever find the real you.
Others claim to have found you
but mostly seems to be lies and delusions.

If I had already found you,
I must have been like you and never saw you
I have had encounters where I thought I found you
but now seems merely a shadow I took a gaze.

So many times I wished it was you
But you’re an elusive one aren’t ya’?
Not one to just be ‘found’ like a lost puppy.
Aye, I’m at my wit’s end.

I guess there are those worthy of envy
I suppose you found a kind of allure on them
So much so that you’d grace them with your presence
and fill with joy.

Only one worry in this heart of mine
and it’s not whether or not I’d find you
You see I’ve grown to have my own
ideas on how you are and how it
should feel when I’m with you,
I’ve painted this portrait so vividly,
that you might be unrecognisable
when we finally do meet.