I sit on Cupid’s rock and gaze at the stars,
Ink rosy bars for you my sweet dove.
You’re the moon’s shine, tears of gratitude
Appreciate the years you stuck by me
Even though I fed you with a spoon of pain.
Breathe is for borrow, earth is permanent,
Live carefully be wise and learn your creator
For death is alien to second chances.
Die in the flesh and live in the spirit.
Wisdom is key to rule a fruitful kingdom,
School teaches unity success is thinking out of the box.
A sinful generation will bare and show less care
To the second coming of Jesus for politics is engulfing
The Bible leaving science liable for our religion.
Death is not the end but a passage away to the next,
If you’re one for God your rest will know peace.
Love is not a game for an object to garner fame,
Wiser is that one that knows that is a sinner