Life is like a sea
That divides continents
With separations of different activities.
God freely gave it to people on Earth.
With a purpose enrolled by roles
To be played by individuality.

Life is like a race
That we people run
With different abilities.
We all runs but few succeeds
With wishes enriched by hopes
To come true with realisation
Life is like the sky
That enables darkness and lightness to fall through

With different densities
The sky that all people occupy
With stars that preach ‘Healing souls’
To give people hopes about tomorrow.

I just been hit by curiosity
With life sensitivity
I just keened with likability
Life without fairness
Dreams veiled with tactility
And hopes with fadedness

Life is like a gift
With precautions and cautions
Life might give opportunities that lift
Alternatively with hardness that creates lessons
Consolations are brought by condolences.

Life is a celebration
That is when a child is born
The family gather in heart dimidiation
Pease with a horn
That a king is born in admiration

Life never be fair
As long the sun still rise from East
And set itself to the west.
As long the night still symbolised
My darkness and the day by lightness.

Life can’t fellowship with justice.
As long as inequality still strike our governments.
As long infants are still parentless.
As long kids are still on the streets.

Life can’t have fullness.
As long we still lose our loved ones.
As long children are still orphans.
As long accidents are still happening.

We are all brothers and sisters.
Our skins are just our roots
But we have one red-blood.
The stem that unite our different roots.
Let us all come together
And peace will rule our planet Earth.