Through hurricanes and storms,
Through tantrums and sabotage,
Through immeasurable cliffs and ticking bombs, Through virulent path, floods and earthquake,
I survived I stood rooted,
With my head held high
I fought back
I wasn’t prepared for the defeat
I persisted and conquered
I allowed no one to judge my fate
I arose against all odds
I never despaired for I knew I’ll make it
I never lost focus on this fair battle

Yes, it wasn’t easy at all
The challenges were sagging on my legs,
Trying to drag me down to pits,
Attempting to exploit me in a flash!
Nevertheless, the stunts were pulled
But I never felt intimidated
They brought sadness to my life like clean water being contaminated

I used to weep all nights
My pillow used to be wet every time I woke up at the morning
My life was as black as winter night
There was no light
No body to enlighten my day
I cursed all the days I went through alone
However, I never let in

All the traps were set to devour me
Luckily, I played far away from them
I survived
Oh yes I did! Done and dusted!
Fair and square!