I remember the time I first took note of life when I was 6 years old
I remember when I got scared and cried when I didn’t know what school was and that I didn’t go to school
I remember the joy of playing sports
I remember that I had the best friends in primary school
I remember that high school opened my eyes to the reality of manhood
I remember that both good and bad high school kids creeped me out
They were all just looking at me, they scared me

I remember getting attracted to a girl because of her beauty and character
I remember school mates fighting over silly stuff
I remember falling in love with DJing at the age of 16
I remember that I value my teachers in high school and primary school
I remember the time I was teased to the point where I wanted to commit suicide
I remember visiting far places and that those are the best holidays
I remember that people teach us values so that we can fight on if life treats us good or bad.