I remember
When I was walking
Along the street
I walked , walked and walked

I saw this Granny coming
Towards me and she was coming
From the grant or epeyini

She was counting money
I said “God please forgive me.
I am talking this money.”
I grabbed it.
She cried, saying: “Oomntwana wam uyayithatha.”

I ignored her
Because I was desperate for money
But while she was crying another man saw me
Taking the money

He reported me to the police.
Ten minutes later, the police knocked
I opened the door

Immediately lies came out of my heart
Saying: “Hi there my name is lies, my surname is destroy.”
I opened my heart to these lies.

But now if you can see me, like John Cena saying
you can’t see me.
I am in a very dark room
Because of lies.

Everything has it’s own results.
I know no one
Don’t lie –
Control yourself