Talk behind my back all you want
Mock me day in and day out
Punch life out of my lungs for all I care
Set traps wherever I step
But I’ll live the way I want to
‘Cause I’m not here to stay.

That’s why I easily forgive
The reason I dance on fire
The reason I settle the score and pay my debts early
The reason I love infinitely
The reason I show my teeth and dance my cheeks
The reason I am genuine
Cause I’m not here to stay.

You called me a fool for spending money
Gave me a crocodile eye when I embraced the poor
Threatened to send me to my Maker when I stood for the weak

Bought my silence when I caught you off guard stealing tax-payers’ money
I wanted peace and fairness.
I was trying to make this world a little better
Cause I’m not here to stay.

I’d like to live a mark in this world
I want to touch the lives of many
I want to be someone’s stepping stone, mentor or a hero
I feel like I was born to fulfil many people’s dreams
Cause I’m not here to stay.