Getting hopeless, feeling alone, seeing everything get worse

Day by day you are waking up with a heavy heart,
crying and asking yourself what sin did you commit
to go through this

Hearing people say
“Hang in there everything will be alright”
but seeing no changes in the everyday
trying to push yourself into trying
being happy but broken inside

Asking yourself how long is the pain going to last
People still telling you
“God can’t give you what you can’t bear”
and you tell yourself they just say it because they can’t feel your pain

And you start praying and praying and asking God to give you
peace and be your refuge and things start being
different and you start smiling and your heart becomes
free of sadness because you let
God be your refuge and He kept his promise

He will never leave you and yes
He won’t give you a problem without a solution
trust in Him and you will find peace and happiness
in Him never give up because usually that’s when
a miracle is about to happen