Rest in peace out of my life
I never thought you would do such a thing
And now I have to wipe you out of my files
Even though it will take time to take you out of my mind
But all I know is that every rubbish belongs to the bin
Now take your love to other fools
Who will see your smile and think you’re cool

After everything we’ve been through
You chose to play with my love
I have wasted my heart by giving you my trust
I never thought you would change so fast
But thanks for showing me
That true love doesn’t exist
Because you played with my emotions
You kept me guessing till the end
I didn’t think that the love we had would end

You have been playing with my head
I’m sick of your little mind games
Now I know that love is nothing
But a pain-causing pill
You never cared about how I feel
Because of your fake love
Pretending that you really cared
But you never accepted the truth
That once you broke my heart
You wouldn’t find a humble guy

Who is gonna give you what you want
Who is gonna give you the love I gave
Who is gonna give you everything he has
But remember you broke my heart but you didn’t win

But what you did is a sin
You have left me broken
With my eyes filled with tears
At least you are a whore
With smile on your face not a sight of fear
Thanks for opening my eyes
You honestly showed me
That love too like friendship is shit
You chose friends over me
You chose prostitutes instead of me

Look me in the eyes
And listen as my heart cries,
Cries out in pain
This feeling makes me feel
Like I’m covered in flames
Until ashes are all that remain

When I look back to those days
Where love was playing piano in my heart
And your smile caused my heart to lose trust
But today rain is falling from the sky to my eyes
And my heart keeps on falling apart
But I have learnt something from your part
That I should never trust a woman ever again
Baby, you are dead to me