Dear abuser I have finally built up some liver
To address you without crying or holding back.
Yes you took away huge pieces of me.
Yes you made me believe that I’m worthless.
Yes you made me scared to sleep with both eyes closed.
You made up most of my nightmares.
And had me cringing and folding away my confidence in public.
You tried to kill me but I made it alive.
Yes this poem is for you.

But I don’t hate you…I love you so much.
I thank you for building up a strong concrete base of self-value.
I now love myself before being loved
I now stand and speak my mind.
And I now live up to my dreams
(yes you thought I couldn’t live without you).
Now I believe in me best.
Because dear abuser whatever you took
You gave me strength to rebuild it on my own from scratch.
I’m OK now…and I hope you are too.
May God be the one to deal with you.
But deep down I know I didn’t ask to be abused