Don’t ever let what they say
Mud your ears since you know your right way
Keep the transformative image speed you are
Count more or less kilometres you drive to success
Forbid any say from abroad traffic
You know the perfect destination desired from within thy

Don’t ever let what they say
People are visible to curb your new way
Reach your ensire with full potent of potential appearance
Assure your destiny with the reality of your confidence
Burry your fears by the strength you acquire from the mouths
Of thy people of unkindliness
Feed your mind with full cream soaked milk

Don’t ever let what they say
Show the hilarious walks ever be walked by a naïve looked-down humankind
Example them the true one of kind you yourself is born for
And don’t ever let what they say, be a shadow to your triumph
Walk tall giving them the attitude of feeling even not less than small
Handing your anticipated draft in the fatal play is the name of the game played over rough

Don’t ever let what they say
Don’t ever let what they say