This is a letter to You
Dear June 16th
I author this letter because, I wish to have
A close word with You
Look! I’ve never demanded such attention before
I’ve never written any poem about You in my entire life
I’ve never written any poem about me or my history
Now let me tell you my story

Come….. Sit down

I want to have this conversation with You
Because I don’t understand You
It feels like yesterday when your Hippo-crawl dispersed within a full-half of a second of your time
My brothers, sisters and cousins (who were)
Fighting for their respectful rights to education
But today the emotions feel no way after liberation
Rest in peace to my brothers
Rest in peace to my sisters
Rest in peace to my mamas, tatas, and cousins
All what they wanted was dignity of mankind

Dear June 16th
I author this letter because
I want to have a sit with You
I want to observe
I want to (extract) understand, I want to believe, and I want to know
Why of all races of the world
Made you murder my own family
Much as You saw them as ants
Again! I’ve never written any poem about You or my history
Today, grab yourself a chair: sit! Listen to my story
Today I’m celebrating the flash of my late brotherhood
That sprinkled the crops of my liberation
I’m harvesting the vegetation of the dissipated generation
People claimed to be free riders in their education

Dear June 16th
I want to have a seat with You! Straight talk
To talk like a man not like a coward
Concrete my comprehendance
Seduce me to buy your loom story of what You
And your evil minds had done to my ceased blood hood
I’ll assume nor redress your dead silence shines
The invalidity of your statements
This is my judgement I hand to You, on
Behalf of my ancestors whom You silenced them alive
I grant You amnesty, You are now a free man
In your land of loan
Perhaps this is how kind we born with

Dear June 16th
I’ve never written any poem about You
I’ve never written any poem about me neither my history
Now sit, hear me out, and listen to my story
Leave me let out of the pain You mastered in my fore-fathers
If I were me, I would’ve not grace You
Fortunate chance You receive
That I reflect the means of a flourished bloodshed
To free me and You
Now speed on like an escaped fish from a net
Exit where You have entered this land of ours
Before the angry creatures of her hail you away
Dear June 16th, You must comprehend
It’s my ruling period now
Should you wish to stay with us, train your retarded mind
To dance for my guitar recently