They would always greet me
When I was on my way to school
And I thought that they love my style
Only to find out they were up to something

One day in the toilets at school
One of them grabbed me like a dog
When I told him that he must leave me alone
He kicked me on the forehead

And I realised that I was seeing two visions
I heard the whistle
And his friends entered the toilets
About 7 boys

They told me that this was my best day ever
They tore my uniform because they touched me roughly
Two of them tied my arms and two tied my legs
And one of them tied my mouth with a school tie

I was trying to refuse but I had no chance
Because they were dominating my power
I was powerless. I was crying.
Only tears falling down
No more voice for screaming

I found out that us lesbians are disgusting to men
They pretend like they like lesbians
Now I understand other people’s feelings and problems