Whatever it is that wadliswa ngayo iyasebenza
I’m trying to figure out things
Make them right, as they were

It’s a task I’m failing
Like one trying to turn a tree into water
It’s almost impossible

You can’t listen to me
If I hadn’t known better,
I’d say she is a beautiful woman,
yet a possessive one

Bendizakuthi usuka kwelama Pedi
You want to, really want to
Kodwa she’s holding you back
Umoshela nam izinto

One thing she isn’t aware of

is the power she gives me
The strength and confidence
after being on the battlefield
She builds a better me

Mabhuti uyidle ungayibonanga
Iyakusebenza hayi nje ukudlala
Andintsho ukuba uyidlile kodwa…mhlawumbi