Your majesty my queen, I feel the essence
Of reminding you of your worth.
There are more words to praise you
But less meet the requirements to praise you.
You are capable of bringing a child to life,
Oh! dull is he who cannot see your worth.
A true fighter a true warrior.

In a shack you raised your little ones
In someone’s kitchen, you worked to provide for them.
Hesitation was your worst enemy,
When it came to raising your little ones.
Discrimination is what you ate day and night,
Oh mama, even though you deserved praises.
Four pm in the streets trying to make a living,
Sending them to school to get a better future.

Raising our future doctors, pilots, firefighters, police,
Accountants, I can name them all.
Despised were you because of your lot of children.
Oh shame on them now they are working for your kids,
You are now living a fairytale life because of your little ones.
Where went the discrimination, you are now called Miss,
Where went the funny names
Oh what a warrior you are
Your majesty my queen.