I was treated like an orphan
When something was lost, they put blame on me
And I would be brutally beaten
I was being isolated from my friends
Because of daily home activities

My grandmother was bias
Pretended she’s on my side,
But when my grandfather arrived at home
Things completely changed
In a short space of time
When he got drunk, I hid myself
Under the bed, where I slept

My soul was broken because of fear
His livestock was more important than my education
When some of his livestock were missing
He told me that I’m not welcomed at home

Those days my life was miserable
The maize stall was my second home
Because I slept there several times
I was the victim of dew in the mid-night

I was always angry at me, blaming myself
Stressed about things that I was not able to change
But I’m glad about the experience that I’ve got through
That miserable circumstance

To being independent, an ironman
I’ve got respect
Doing things on time
And I’m polite