A young boy with talent,
A boy who plays with sounds
An ambassador for young producers
Oh Father we will wait for the right time,
We promise to wait so that when
You have opened doors for him he will be noticed.

Heavenly Father if only they knew his talent
If music was a weapon many would have died
He plays with sounds and beats like it’s the end of the world
In his paradise land rules music and beats

If only someone could notice him and his work
He started as a little boy playing keyboard in church
Then he expanded his talent by singing
Oh wow unnoticed talents in South Africa exist
But not him he deserves the accolade
Oh mother nature notice him, Africa.

Heavenly father are you listening
He is only sixteen or even younger,
He’s got the sauce, the fire, that thing missing around here in Africa.
He is Lee Tivane, would he be noticed.