The year has seasons
And everything has reasons
Joyousness or sorrowfulness are the reasons
So don’t question my change
For nothing lasts for so long
New things always arise
Despite falling down I will rise

My attitudes shouldn’t surprise you
I have a new mindset change
And I’m no more the same person you knew
I believe in self-freedom
That’s why I’m eager to build my kingdom
With a great change

It is a change don’t faint
My smile isn’t fake
And I’m not at fault
Because I don’t want to drown in a sea of worries
Day and night I keep it a try
For a new change, a cry

I need new friends
Who would help make my days lighter
And shape my future
Would always give me a second chance
And help me prosper

It is all a change
That’s why you rarely see me smile at you
A change in thinking, speaking and reaction
And maturity plays its role though.