They said, it’s a key of life
They said, without it you are nothing
They made a point it’s important
A black child went to school hungry

They said, free feeding scheme will be available
They made it available
Mama made the soup to put food on the table
In the morning, woke up and did ironing to prepare the future
Future is prepared for

Varsity never knows
Varsity never understands
The struggle continues even after 12 years
The struggle to find the key continues
This struggle reminds me about the struggle that was once faced
This struggle it reflects in the mirror who you are

Competition will kill you
Exploring will kill you
Experiments will kill you
The struggle of the black child never ends
The oppressor is with a new colour
He lives next door

Jealousy is root of all dissatisfaction
Jealousy, it causes dishonesty
I have a key, they need driver’s licence
The black child worked as hard to get licence
I have driver’s licence, they need a vehicle
The struggle of the black child never ends
I had a vehicle, they needed experience
I had experience, they needed insurance
The struggle of black child never ends

I have it all, I am older
The struggle never ends
The price a black man paid is expensive
A life lived in dreams unrealised
An investment killed by investor
Corruptly killing economy
They won lotto never billions
The price a black man pays is expensive

We all paid
We are so politically blind
The price of others taking advantage
Is the price that cost us our pride?

We are deceived to the end of the end
We received less than we gave
We lost more than we won
We believe more than we received
We have learnt but we do not know