At only 10 years of age,
Lil Benny’s best friend was a toy.
questioning his worth, created hate
which constantly stole his joy.
All he wanted was to turn the page
to a chapter where he’s was once again a mama’s boy.

He felt like he was adopted
as his folks were never there.
He wishes they could’ve aborted him.
Clearly, they didn’t care.
He had dreams, he wishes they supported him
then again life for him was not fair.

He’s was just another lonely boy from a rich family.
His parents believed that money was a remedy.
What he needed was their love and attention,
all he got was more toys & less of affection.

One day, what started as a walk
made him see the streets as his new home.
He was finally free, he saw hope but knew that
the streets couldn’t protect him from depression.
He now got pills in his hands, facing death which wasn’t planned.