Forgive me if this dream I have keeps us apart.
Forgive me if it takes up most of my time
And fills up my heart until there isn’t room for you.
Forgive me if it’s the first thing I think about every morning
And the only thing that keeps me up at night, forgive me.

Forgive me if I can’t turn off the lights,
And I seem to hold a pen in my hand to write every time, forgive me.
Forgive me if it’s the only thing I speak of,
If it’s the only thing I sing about,
If it’s the only thing I eat, I breathe, I press towards.
Forgive me.

Humble apologies to my family,
Whose expectations of me can’t be met.
Apologies to my friends who are alienated from me
By this vision I see.
Apologies to those who knew me
For thinking I’m not a good example in the community.

The thing is…Thing is…I have a dream.
It wraps itself all over my body when I try to move it keeps me steady.
It pushes me in a direction many aren’t familiar with
And when I try to stop, it blows me over.
It suppresses ordinary, and makes me peculiar.

At times I curl myself in my bed
Dreading the thought of not fulfilling it,
Sometimes I lock the world outside in fear of failing.
At times I pour my blood, my tears, my soul, my livelihood
And nothing ever shows
But this dream looks at me when I close my eyes
And shouts in my heart
“Try again!”

I have faced humiliation,
I have been bullied by my ego into letting it go
But it holds me closely
Because it and I are one
As long as I live, I have a duty,
A dream to achieve, a purpose to fulfill.

So, my beloveds,
Be patient with me
For I only have a dream.