Pain is so bad, body so stiff I can’t even take cover
To me she was more than a lover
Because of her warmth I never experienced fever
Never experienced a lonely night ever
All that she ever did wad to deliver
I carried her even inside my liver
I was convinced it will last forever
Today I can’t believe it’s over

She will never again come and sleep over
Years of honesty, trust and love.
Now all of that is above
Beauty that does not need dove
To touch her I felt like I needed gloves
She was full of light like powerful globes

How do I pick myself up and move on?
They said there are many girls out there; man come on!
But they don’t really know what is going on
To me it’s like moving mountains to go on
To this pain I seem to be failing to hang on

Her pictures in my mind are permanent
Which department can help me in the government
My movement is over
You took my life with you when you said it’s over
I might as well do myself a favour
End this lonely life
Maybe we will be together again in the next life