“He is gone”
These three words were not just words
But ruthless bullets that were aimed at me
These bullets flew at me one by one perfectly,
Boring deeply into my flesh mercilessly
These words were deadly
When I heard these words my fragile heart fell and crashed
I could feel my heart break like glass
Was I bleeding?

Him being gone meant that I would not see him any more
His absence would affect me immensely
He was my rock, he made me feel strong
He was always there to lick my wounds
Now without this rock I am like a helpless sponge
How would you feel if you lost the only part of your life
That mattered to you the most?

“Oh my God” was the phrase dominating my thoughts
I stood still…something I never do
I was in awe, you could see it in my eyes and they never tell lies
It was as if I had just seen a ghost
No, I had not seen a ghost
But I had just heard a horror story titled “He’s gone”
What would you do?