I learned it from you
Not to keep promises
Not to care about your daughter
Not to care about anyone
To speak without shame and respect
I learnt it from you

I speak with pain
You are dead to me
For life
I don’t need your money, your sympathy
And your fake love
I’ve seen what you are
I’ve got people who love me
Well you say I have no respect
Well I’m not surprised where I took it from
I learned it from you

You said I should show respect
I show it to those who deserve it
You’ve got none left
You want me to respect you

You are shameless
After all these years
You came and you’re like
I’m your dad
The dad I never knew
You heard about my award
You came
You heard about my success
You came

I love people who are there always
So if I don’t talk to you or don’t want to see your face
Don’t worry I know where I took it from
I learned from you