Is it love
That imprisons my mouth
To the untruth to everyone’s eye
Yet more spiritual intact with my eyes
Tell me
Who fixed this apparent light on your nature
That exiles me from the dark world
Yes it cometh forth as the morning light might shine

Is it love
That on its way
Accompanies hatred, mentors stress and suicide
Why is my eye full of jealousy
When to the other man you softly speak
Why if you go
I think of going to hemlock
Who gave you such man mind strain drug
That its activity does lessen when your arms do touch.

Is it love
That in the mighty name love
Instils unloveliness to everyone
Yet much adored by the lover
Is death love! Or is love death?
Is suicide love! Or is love suicide
Is hatred love! Or is love hatred
Mine dearest! Let me spot in sensible manner
That I do love in the name of true love!