Thousands of tears have flowed down our cheeks
We screamed and we lost our voices but it didn’t stop
People kept losing their jobs
They lost their purpose too
If only you knew, your heart would be painted with sadness
You would feel the world against you
Have you ever had to stay inside the house repeatedly with no plans?
Do you know the feeling of uselessness
Whereby your family needs a provider but you can’t be that person?
I wish you knew
People lost their lives
Oh! the infants
The sweet innocent souls who knew nothing
All they needed was a better life with their mother’s love but they lost all that
Due to an unsympathetic virus

If only you knew how hard it was for our doctors
It was hard and unpleasant
Indeed they tried
Their lives were in danger
Our leaders had it hard
Trying to find a cure
There were times when they felt so helpless but
They kept on going, everybody tried!
If only you knew