My mind is shifting away from me
Maybe that’s why I feel so alone…
The world turns around as my heart bleeds the pain inside.
I try to talk but I’m alone
Maybe it’s the reason I have to keep it inside me.
Being alone allows my mind to be conscious.
I don’t know but I feel alone when I’m alone.

I live in my own thoughts to allow my thoughts
To know more about myself.
I’m so alone but I know I have God as my force to be perfect.
I pause my breath to stop the air but can’t hold the air forever.
Feelings left me even if I pray to believe I’m still alone.
Hope became the enemy when death took my family.

I’m alone…
I’m alone and can’t forget what I know.
I’m unknown but known in the depths of my heart.
I’m alone don’t know the warmth of a home.
I know love but gave up when they broke my heart
Now I’m alone.

I cry alone when I’m hurt to avoid them knowing.
Pain grows and it hurts until the last day I rest.
It’s not a curse and I guess it’s not a stress
So why am I not so blessed?
I beg not be alone ‘cause I feel lonely and afraid of being alone.
I’m alone
I write my story not to allow anybody to be alone
‘Cause we all need somebody.