God is my father
My friend
My hero
He is holy and powerful
God is a person and his holy spirit lives within us
No one has seen him with their naked eye
He has a tender heart that helps, gives, compassionate and pure
He is faithful, honest, humble, caring, patient and a good listener
He is slow to anger and does not hold grudges
He has not dealt with us according to our sins
Therefore, he forgives all sins

God loves his children the same, he does not choose
He will not forsake us
He is gracious and merciful
God wants us to be like him to overcome evil with good
And we shall be perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect

It has been said that the devil is some guy in a red suit with horns, a pitchfork and a tail
But the devil is also a person
The devil is touchable and can be seen
It can be any living human being
Who shares the same bed with you
Eating, talking, laughing and weeping with you, crocodile tears
The devil’s heart is like a rock in the forest
The devil is always by your side, sticky like chewing gum
Only to see his evil works are going according to plan

The devil does not want to see anyone succeeding
Evil lies in the heart that deceives, divides, swears, provokes
Envies, is conceited, hates, steals, cheats, murdesr, pretend, disobeys
Is greedy, humiliates, blasphemes, fornicates and is an adulterer.

The devil uses people to practice evil in the dark,
Lest their works would be exposed in light
Therefore repent, that all your sins may be blotted out
Become a bond servant of righteousness

Let’s greet one another with a holy kiss
Rejoice, be of same mind and live in peace.