Forbidden shadows hover over me.
I feel the creased scars ooze the unspoken words.
The words that would resemble a goodbye or farewell.
Time it’s self is out of time.

I’m tired of the apologies from people who did nothing.
But who am I to blame them, they are trying to comfort me.
But no one can comfort me as much as you would right now.

Helpless doesn’t begin to explain how I feel right now.
Numbness takes over my body
I see no way out of this sorrow.

Do words really heal?
Or do they just help us hide behind them to not feel this pain anymore?
Brightness of my light come back to me.
You’re the only one who could know how to take this pain away.

Through the shadows I shall rise.
Through the shadows I shall see your face, beautiful as always.

I’ll write to you from time to time
In my heart I’ll carry your strength and power
One you’ve taught me and made me the person I am today.

This is not a goodbye, it’s a friendly, see you later.
I’ll be seeing you in my dreams with that beautiful smile.