It matters not
What these potions
Pills and poisons propose
To mine bodies and mind
Or what they will do
Before the time

Before dawn comes
hand in hand with my
Moonlight, Dear beloved
Peaches, or so I thought you were
Unless you still are, on the way here
To save Me from Myself and I
before these burning organs
melt alongside my own sanity
and leave me heart-dead
brain-dead and even…

But is it even worth it
Like is she even worthy
Of witnessing my departure
after all she’s done and caused
especially all those lies and noes
She told, whenever I tried to propose

Like hell she isn’t, she should be here
For I want to see her guilty eyes
and hear her heartfelt cries
When she sees blood in mine eyes
and a contagious grief in mine soul
When she realises what she did

Maybe her tears might just quench
My thirst for revenge and wash
away mine pain in time for me to leave
And embark upon my next life
With a smile upon my face
And a scar upon your heart
For you broke and denied me
True peace of mind, ever since WE
came together

Love brings, the worst of pain
and it will, but what if you
weren’t even in love with me boo
then would all this be in vain