I never had a father nor a brother.
I always had my mother and my sisters.
Natured to love and share.
Disciplined at a very young age.
Treasured every tiny bit of something.
Never let greed get the better of my ways.

I have been self-employed for as long as I can imagine.
There is no greater job than the one of doing good for others.
One’s smile has always been one’s happiness.
It has always been about love for me not the possessions or my position in life.

I always knew I could never change everything
But with hard work I can make a difference.
Either in my life or in the lives of those I chose to surround myself with.

Spend more time with those you love.
Never neglect what is important before it is too late.
Spend more time smiling than frowning.
Be the crown.
Your own story taller.