O Lord, the way appears like muddy declivity.
Our aspirations and dedications seem to have run low,
As we stagger along with a little of our strength,
Towards the far reaching terminal of our journey.
Please, rekindle your power and courage in us
And bring clarity out of any of our darkest doors.

O Lord, open your doors of blessings upon us.
Set aside all destructive schemes of our enemies
And shake off satanic conspiracies
That hinders our prosperous attainments.
For choosing hope over our fears
And to act as our directing gear.

O Lord, stretch your Mighty hand on us today
To brush aside our sorrow and pain.
Oh, comfort our broken hearts with your tender love
And bring an end to the pessimistic outlook on our lives
God, what meekness to stand by our side?
What a weakness if we don’t value your mercy?