Shiny cars bear reflections of an old me;
My hair could be prettier; it should be long and silky, not short and worn.
This place seems far beyond my imagination
I have not the wildest dreams,
I only know the sweet smell of morning dew
From my green land, from where I belong

But here I stand
Like an ant over tall buildings I have not laid eyes upon before
I see people who are like me but different
I am young, yes, but I look old in these clothes I once thought were fancy
I have not seen shoes with heels that high
How can that missus with glassy eyes walk in them?
I surely will break something of importance if I dare try!

I have been distinguished from the other,
I am ‘Her’; I no longer have a name
My tongue seems not to grasp the language of medium I am to speak
I only know what I have been taught to speak
I only know sawubona… not “Hi” and “Awe”

Strange as this place is, I see in it dreams undiscovered
I see in it my dreams discovered
I too will one day walk high above ground; have glassy eyes,
I will have long hair, shiny as can be!
They will refer to me as I should be referred; by my name.
I will have friends that will call me “Chommie”
And those little boxes they call cell phones, I will own too
I am new in this old place filled with sound and corrupt minds
Tar and tall buildings, cars and taxi drivers,
I am new but I will be a part of it too!