I respect you maze called ‘Jozi’,
With your streets that beat a billion bees by being busy
I met you in the cold first day of winter
Crammed you were from your Transit Centre

“Rural boy, welcome to Jozi
Make sure you wake up and smell the coffee
Always be strong and bold;
We come no more for mines but we still dig gold.”

Scores of path finders to show me the way
So full of Ubuntu, the bill I had to pay
“For circa an hour walk, the bill is reasonable,”
-Quarter if around one block, three times, we didn’t amble.

Tricked! It’s gone!
Welcome to Jozi.
Country boy welcome to the city

Day two blessed with a friend;
Big places to attend
Gorgeous chicks dressed short
Make a winter day scorching hot
He says “You wink, she’s yours;
You blink, your loss.”

I wink. It’s true.
We ascend. Floor No2
Away with rural;
Away with moral
Moment worth million reviews
Adolescence renews.
Oh blessed day! Blessed day! Blessed day…
…Good heavens! She needs a pay?!