We sat under the tree holding hands, looking at each other
Like a curious cat when it’s about to catch its prey.

The wind blowing so cool and slowly like the winds of the oceans in summer
the sunlight twinkling between the leaves of the love tree
that gave birth to this loving couple.

There we sat and I could hear the birds singing from afar,
though they were nearer than the thoughts of my imaginations.
My imaginations had crossed love borders without legal permits,
beautiful woman with a diamond ring on her finger
playing with her two beautiful babies
a man sitting in the shade under the tree watching them in tears
envisaging to himself how propitious he was to have such a phratry

he envisaged life blunt without them
so he vowed to perish the day their souls lay into forever rest
thus far my inside eye had seen
from the imaginary world I returned when I felt her soft hands on my cheek

whipping off teardrops which escaped the prisons of island without being noticed

“What’s wrong babe?”

That soft sad beautiful voice accompanied
by a warm fresh blowing breath got me chocking

Only a three word space my voice had kept ‘I love you.’