I guess you have no idea how much I miss you, do you?
But let me tell you, I miss you!

I miss the way you use to wrap me tightly in your
arm like a hen covering its chickens under her wings for protection
I felt safe, secured and protected with your attention

I miss the way you used to look straight in my eyes
searching my unspoken words from my heart

I miss the way you use to call me:
“You are my life”
“You are my future”
“You are my hope”
“You are my dream come true”
“I will always love you”

You were my moonlight when the dark scars
of my life switched off the light
You shined for me when I could only see the rain fall on me
You held me when the storms frightened me
You were my heaven. My sky. My planet of comfort!

I guess now you see, no words can really describe the way I feel about you, can you?

Even the dictionary can’t define the way I felt about you

I real miss you!