Many see the glory
But God knows my story
He is all holly
And knows when I’m floppy…

When the mountains are too high
And I don’t have much strength to fly
I’m not even able to climb
I give it all time

Until it turns to line
In the correct order just fine
And I have all that I’ll need to dine
That’s Gods glory…

I’d cry myself to sleep at night
Having no peace of mind
Until I began to live a life in Christ
Although I had problems
Which I thought could not be solved
God got in and put everything into shape

Like there is no God who is fake
He raised me from the dead
Just when I felt drained
Now life tastes as good as grapes…

In the middle of the storm
Even if I do it wrong
And all my money is gone
It seems like I can’t go on
I give it all prayer
Call unto Jesus
And God shall come to my rescue…