The trees are swaying
Birds stopped singing
Bells stop banging
The trucks stop rattling
And it starts blowing.

It blows so gently
Like a lullaby to the sleeping child
Like a promise of peace to her mother
Like a promise of freedom to the father

It has meaning.
It blows slowly
As if to convey a message which needs to be understood.
It talks to me
As it blows through my window
Next to the tree called a willow
Like a shadow of a widow

It tells me to be strong
That all will be fine
It wipes dry the tears on my face
Like a light feather on my cheeks.

It silences me
Makes me forget all my worries
And remember that God is there
And he will never leave me.

It gives me hope as it blows
Reminds me of a river as it flows
Oh! The dog disturbs as it howls
And wakes me up from my dreams