Women are not angels
They are human like any man
They are imperfect yet perfectly perfect
Imperfect that like any man, they make mistakes
Imperfect because society labels them so
Yet, under such imperfections
They are perfectly perfect
Purely perfect that God Almighty trusted them with a womb to care and give warmth
Warmth not only to the life they carry
But to the entire universe
Oh, perfect creation they are

Perfect, brave, strong, patient caring, passionate, loving…
Are some of their attribute
Like a horse at work,
They endure labour pains, hurts and insults
Like a lion they brave to play the mother-father role
While some fathers brave to leave their families in the cold
When they cannot face life’s turmoil’s and hurricanes
Yet, women in their ‘imperfections,’
Perfectly stand by their children’s side and provide
They smile perfectly as though all is perfect,
Yet underneath the still waters,
Under their patience, love and endurance,
Crawling worms are eating them up
Women are imperfectly perfect
For they give love where it is rejected
For they smile when all odds are against them
They shed a tear when they are overjoyed
They shed a tear to gain strength When they feel lonely, rejected and hurt
God’s perfect creation they are
They raise children and facilitate them with a language
A language to fully express themselves when they are happy or hurt
They watch a life grow
Until the day they do the night vigil
To say farewell to that life
Women, amazing creatures they are
So imperfect to cherish perfection
Women, perfect imperfect?