My legs that can transport me
My legs are not lazy
My legs that depends on my endurance
My legs that can suffer until I die
My legs with no heart
I will always to you
I will always be transported by you
I will always sit on top of you
I will be your lifetime passenger
My brain will tell me to sit and you sigh like it’s your last breath
As humans we’re your lifetime passengers
As our legs we’d like to share you a secret

Dear tiny legs you’ll carry us forever
We kindly appreciate your presence
I will always love you
I come a long way with you, since I was a new born
You took me to all these adventures
You took me to all those dates
You took me to all those lovers
You’ve helped me seek for my treasure
I’ve turned my education key using you as my dream car
You don’t care, no matter how I cheat
You keep on thinking, one day I’ll stop
Life changes, no matter you stand still
Life goes on, no matter you go off
I keep on saying sorry when you’re in pain
I keep on trying to be a perfect partner but,
You truly seem to be
I’ve never thought of leaving you
I’m just lucky to have you
I love my legs, do you?