I must say I never knew the definition of beauty
Until I came across your attractive face
Which was complimented by your seductive body
Darling you left me with no option
But to swallow my pride and surrender to my feelings

Your beauty wasn’t only facially recognisable
But through your smile I realised that its core and roots
Are generated in your warm heart
The way you conducted yourself the first day we met
Left me surprised as I looked away
I saw you as my mother’s potential daughter-in-law
Ever since that day my love for you grew bigger
And better than I thought it would be

Your positive persona and attitude left me powerless
For I had to surrender to your beauty
You left me clueless as to what to do
As I was drunk in love
Fortunately enough it wasn’t infatuation but real love

All I ever knew was that beauty exists
But the day I met that quaint young lady
I was overwhelmed with joy
She left me in a world of dreams and possibilities
Darling I love you so much
And I will cherish spending a lifetime with you
For life is too short like a bottle of beer
Baby please say yes so that you can spare me goosebumps
I often wonder if your dad is a baker for you are a magnificent cake

Darling for a beautiful woman like you
I love you might sound so cliché but I need you
Is the best thing I could ever whisper into your ears