He denies that he is in the wrong,
For long he abused her physically and emotionally;
He denies indeed knowing what he has done to her,
She is bleeding internally even though
On the outside she looks perfect and complete;
She is like broken glass scattered around
In pieces by a man she loves,
She trusted him with her whole heart
Only for him to make her less of a woman.

I saw him punching her,
Punching her on her neck;
As she cried he didn’t care,
The more she cried he raped her;
The more she said, “no” the more she he stabbed her,
When she felt tired to cook he forced her!

I heard him saying he is the head of the house
No woman will disrespect him in his own house,
He ran away on pay days leaving behind his own family starving;
I saw him pampering young girls, taking them to spas and hotels!

He denies he’s done all these wrongs,
That he abused his wife,
He denies that beats her;
He denies that he rapes her,
He denies that he forces himself on her
To do things that she doesn’t like;
He has broken her spirit and torn her heart apart,
You evil man stop denying it you’ve abused her enough;
Don’t you know that denying it kills her?
Haven’t you done enough?