The one who had to prove her love by giving her virginity away
The one who was later on called names because of one round
The one who was once sexy and lovely
The one who was once his heart in human form
The one who never enjoyed her teens because of being mocked for keeping the baby
The one who has been rejected as a wife
The one who never tasted marriage
The one who had to raise a boy and a girl child on her own

You may not be his wife
But to your child you’re a mother
It may be hard to be a single mother
But you made the right decision by keeping the baby
You may be studying
And your friends are making fun of you
The baby may be crying
And you can’t afford to buy it a toy
But you can breastfeed it
You can nurse it
Show it some love

You may be sitting in every street corner looking for its father
But believe me you need him not
You can still make it without him
For it’s not in the heart
But in the mind
Use it
And move on
I’m proud of you
So will be your child one day
For being the one