Halala all you wordsmiths! FunDza is so proud of our Fanz writers! We are delighted to showcase this poem by one of our talented young writers to celebrate this wonderful avenue for self-expression. Good poetry can be a great mental and emotional pick-me-up. Read and enjoy… Poetry is to words what song is to sound…


I haven’t seen the towering tourist magnet, Kilimanjaro
But I have seen the lush, bountiful, virgin hills of the Midlands

I haven’t dipped my tongue into weird and wonderful cuisines of this world
But I have tasted the sweet sensation of a kiss goodnight

I haven’t set foot in far-flung wonderlands
But I have travelled to France, Italy and America through pages of a book

I haven’t touched enough of shiny, alluring token of power
But I have money aplenty in my family’s love.