Nothing lasts forever
No matter how we love it
But we have to sacrifice
We meet people
From being strangers to becoming our best friends
From being best friends to becoming brothers and sisters
They start to own a piece in our hearts
They finally become a member of our families
Forgetting that we only meet to depart
They came to our lives to pass a message
Mostly to teach us some life lessons
Nothing lasts forever.

People are like bath soap
They slip from our fingers while we’re watching
Then again we cry over spilt milk
Forgetting that nothing lasts forever, this is life
Not everything goes smoothly
There are always gravel roads
Where we’ll see a big rock in our way
All we have to do is pray to God
And keep on walking
Because God promises a safe landing
Not a calm passage
All this shall pass
Memories shall fade
Happiness shall not end
Nothing lasts forever

We always lose what is close to our hearts
What we value
Because life passes a message
Life teaches us life lessons
All we have to do is to pay special attention to it
Especially to jokes
Most of them throw stones at us
In a way that cannot be heard
Because of happiness and laughter
No one was meant to be in our lives permanently
They are all visitors
All we have to do is to accept the situation
Because this is life
Where everything is meant to come and go
Even those we care about
They come and go
Because nothing lasts forever
We are all visitors
We meet to depart.